Interview with Ronan und Erwan Bouroullec in Paris

Photo: Andreas Körner

They still exist, those nice restaurants in inconspicuous Paris side streets where you can eat well and – a particularly important aspect in view of current circumstances in Paris – for a fair price. But the restaurant that had been recommended to me by someone in the know had another advantage to offer: it’s just a few minutes away from the studio of designer brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. 

Amidst the creative chaos that awaits us there, the brothers’ professional manner, which I’m used to from previous interviews, seems like an outward expression of their incredible talent, which is as intellectual as it is creative. The work of the two Bretons reveals a penchant for airy arrangements that leave scope for flexibility. Their trademarks include networked walls or crystalline carpets that can be altered or enlarged to one’s heart’s content. They recently entered new territory by designing a bathroom collection for Axor – as light and airy as we have come to expect from the talented duo. Prior to the actual launch in June 2010, I was allowed to have a look at the collection and talked to the two of them about the “fragrance of the bathroom”. I’d taken photographer Andreas Körner along with me, of course, who painted a very individual picture of the brothers. Watch this space for further details after publication of the interview and the Axor launch in June.