Positive energy shock: Patricia Urquiola

Photo: Andreas Körner

Who is Patricia Urquiola? Her website provides no information about her vocation, references, philosophy or projects, let alone pictures or even blogs. And so the design star will remain a blank page for the uninitiated and a personal enigma for design fans. Just where does this woman get her elemental power and creative energy from? 

She obviously has no need to advertise for herself – the media take care of that by featuring her numerous new products on the pages of their glossy magazines every month. Yes, this is definitely Patricia Urquiola’s time (as she admitted during a previous meeting). And now we are standing in her Milan studio, grateful to escape from the blistering heat outside to its cellar-like coolness, and getting some very intimate insights into the day-to-day work of this exceptional designer. It turned out to be a very personal interview, and photographer Andreas Körner shot some gorgeous pictures. Over the next few months, the interview will be exclusively published in the USA, Asia and Europe.