Interview with Tom Schönherr and Andreas Haug (Phoenix Design)

Photo: Andreas Körner

A franchise for bestsellers: Phoenix Design

This is already our third or fourth interview with Phoenix Design. In my opinion, the firm isn’t just one of the most successful design teams in Europe, it’s also ranks amongst those who make their clients happy. For almost everything Phoenix Design touches is a success and goes down extremely well with the intended target group. 

The two owners Tom Schönherr and Andreas Haug are in talkative mood, even though we turn their entire studio in a Stuttgart suburb upside down. This time we haven’t just brought photographer Andreas Körner along but film team “Pixelrutsche” as well. We’ve always done the occasional video podcast. I believe the journalist’s profession is changing at an ever faster pace, and now we can even provide professional moving images as well as copy and photographs.