Interview with Paul Flowers

Illustration: Paul Flowers; Grohe AG


Paul Flowers (Senior Vice President Design Grohe AG) describes his latest fittings and accessories line Allure Brilliant as a considerable challenge.  

The way from design idea to production led from the innovativeness of the technical development all the way to cost-effective manufacturing. There were high standards to be met: meticulous production and a passion for detail were essential. “Precise edges and faceting give the fitting a very distinctive look. The multifaceted surfaces reflect the light in unique variations – like a perfect piece of jewellery,” says an enthusiastic Paul Flowers. He derived the idea from current developments in architecture: from each and every one of the facetted surfaces grows an elongated cuboid with bevelled corners that meet at precisely defined intersections. This formula creates a harmonious link between all the products in the range. “The collection was inspired by the World Financial Center in Shanghai, one of the most outstanding architectural icons in the world – a genuine testimony to creativity and determination. With its self-confident, symbolic and complex aesthetics, there are many parallels between the faucet collection and the building,” says Paul Flowers, candidly revealing his creative source.