Interview with architect Sergei Tchoban

Photo: Duravit

Photo: Duravit 

“The relationship between the bedroom and bathroom is changing.“ Sergei Tchoban 

Sergei Tchoban, born in 1962, studied architecture and gained several years of professional experience in his native city of St. Petersburg before coming to Germany in 1992, where he became a partner at nps tchoban voss Architekten BDA in 1995 and took charge of the Berlin branch. Tchoban achieved international fame in 2004 when, together with Hamburg architect Prof. Peter Schweger, he designed the Federation Tower in Moscow. he recently designed the Esplanade collection for Duravit. “When I start a budget house-building project – and not just in the luxury segment – I have to take into account that bathrooms are getting more spacious. The relationship between the bedroom and bathroom is changing. In the past we had smaller bedrooms and a really small bathroom. Today bedrooms are slightly bigger, but the size of the bathroom has increased in leaps and bounds. It has to be a focal point of the interior design, it has to be interesting and accessible,” says Sergei Tchoban in an interview with Frank A. Reinhardt in Berlin.